Welcome to Kyrie a house of God

We are a church established under the biblical truth set by Our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to touch as many lives as possible using the doctrines set in the Bible. We believe the golden rule (treat others the way you wish to be treated) is a major tenet of success in life, but The Lord gave us a more specific set of instructions to become his disciples and reach our heavenly destination. These rules and guidelines govern our daily existence and help us walk in the light of The Lord. We seek to follow this divine philosophy and do as much good in the world as possible.

Love makes a house a home

If you are seeking a spiritual home, a safe haven of love and fulfillment, then this is the place for you. Come embrace the loving arms of the lord with our ministry. While we intend on reaching out to those who want to be saved, we also want to counsel and help as many people along the way who desire to be helped. God so loved the world that he gave his only son to us – it is that depth of love that we wish to convey to the world around us. Transforming our communities through individual outreach with support and assistance is the message Jesus brought to the world. As his disciples we continue to bring his message to those who are open to it.

How can you take part in his message?

There are many different ways to serve to lord and delight in his message. Whether that be by praise and worship, ministry, or simply giving to those in need, there is something for everyone at our church. Serving The Lord and working in his presence brings inner peace away from the turmoil of the world. With that in mind we encourage everyone to serve and grow with The Lord.

Only through his grace are we able to make it through the obstacles and temptation of the world – Through his strength we are able to make it through the downfalls and ruin that a life without the lord can bring.

The word of God

The Bible was given to us as the word of The Lord, written by holy men who were moved upon by God. We believe it was left to us not only as guidelines for how to live a good and fulfilling life, but also as an example of how to reach the world through love. Even for those who do not believe in the power of the lord, the bible has guidelines within it that lead to a fulfilling life. We believe that Christianity contains examples that are useful in every walk of life. From the poetic verse of Psalms to the historical account of Jesus’ life, the bible is full of information that is not only useful in the spiritual world but in earthly life as well.

Join us!

Please come and join us every week for a worship service and to hear the word of The Lord. We welcome newcomers from every walk of life with love and seek to spread this message of love and joy to the world.