Our Services

Choosing the right church services that you and your family will enjoy can be daunting.  You want a safe place where you can practice your faith that makes you feel warm and welcome.  There are dozens of churches in your community alone but which one will help you develop your relationship with God.  Let us show you how Kyrie Church can do that for you.


We have the traditional services on Saturday evening and Sunday mornings.  We also have irregular services during holidays.  The church is open most days of the week for fellowship and various events including Youth ministry and Bible study.  For those of our parishioners who work irregular hours and can’t always make their services each week we do offer online services that you view on our YouTube channel.

Community Services

We strive to help the community beyond just Sunday services.  During services there is Sunday School available for the little ones so they can learn about the word of God in a manner appropriate for their ages.  Sunday school includes games and stories that teach Biblical lessons.  We offer a full service day care along with after school programs at a low cost for the community.  We run a soup kitchen for the homeless every day at 1pm and a food pantry that is open every Tuesday at 2pm.  We encourage all of our parishioners to volunteer when and where they can, helping those less fortunate is part of Jesus’ message that we take seriously.

A Sense of Belonging

We want all of our members, visitors and everyone to feel welcome.  We want a warm and friendly atmosphere that creates a sense of belonging, with a special emphasis on our seniors and those with limited family in the area.  Research has shown that those that attend church services on a regular basis that it can be a relaxing experience. We sing hymns with a relaxing and fun tone for at least one hour a week you can leave your problems outside our door and just focus on your faith.


If you are new to the community then church can be an ideal place to meet new people and make new friends with people that share your fate.  Not networking in the business sense but a fellowship that will help you through your spiritual needs.  We have a growing community that we would love for you to be a part of.